INTI Consolidates Industries and Forms Common Industry Requirements

INTI’s standards are developed by Standards Committees that include all concerned industry experts. Thus, developed standards meet requirements of both consumers and manufacturers.

Standards Committees contribute to the development of common industry requirements that will facilitate market entry and competition for innovative products. Currently, there are no standards describing required characteristics and properties for fundamentally new products.

Standard - a normative document developed by consensus, approved by a recognized body, aimed at achieving the optimal degree of streamlining in a certain area.

Standards development involves a large number of experts.

INTI acts as an integrator bringing together all independent technology experts on one platform.

Standards are developed by people who use them. We invite all industry companies to take part in the development of next generation’s standards.

Participation in INTI provides:

  • earlier access to information that will affect market development
  • votes in the standards development process
  • assistance in market access

How standards are developed


Experts form technical committees, which are responsible for a specific area of ​activity


As soon as the need for a standard is established, a working group is created from the committee members to develop and agree on a draft standard


As soon as the draft is developed, it is sent to the committee members for voting (voting is a core process in standards development)


If consensus is reached, the draft becomes an INTI standard; if not, it is returned to the working group for further editing with subsequent voting; no more than three times)