Вышел информационный дайджест с главными событиями ИНТИ за третий квартал 2021 года

The issue of the information and analytical digest of INTI has been released

Date: 16.11.2021
Quantity of views: 78
1. How the world's first green industrial construction standard in the oil and gas industry is being tested. 2. In what format the INTI cooperates with Kazakhstan. 3. Why INTI involves students in its work. 4. Whether the oil and gas sector needs industrial symbiosis. 5. What international companies have become participants of INTI. 6. How the first domestic reciprocating compressor was tested. 7. How the first delivery to Serbia was carried out with the participation of INTI. 8. What were the results of tests of the rotary steerable system. 9. Whether mobile units will become available for widespread use. Download

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